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Inverse Care Law 2.0

I have posted several times about the “inverse care law” and eHealth. Following some conversations with @drbonis and @rcofinof I have decided to entitle this post “Inverse Care Law 2.0” to embed my presentation (Spanish) at “V Jornada de debate sobre eficacia y seguridad en la utilización de medicamentos”. Salud y participación a la Sociedad… Read more »

The inverse care law and the use of e-consultation

I have read Nijland, N., van Gemert-Pijnen, J. E. W. C., Boer, H., Steehouder, M. F., & Seydel, E. R. (2009). Increasing the use of e-consultation in primary care: Results of an online survey among non-users of e-consultation. International Journal of Medical Informatics, In Press, Corrected Proof. Abstract Objective To identify factors that can enhance… Read more »

From Excluded to Networked Citizens… The Inverse Care Law

On Wednesday 8th I’m presenting Health and the Internet: Autonomy of the User in the World Internet Project Macao 2009. I have finished the presentation and I would like to share a graphic that clearly represents the difference between Access, Use and Assessment of ICT used by Catalonia citizens (based on a representative survey of… Read more »

Social determinants of Health and ICT for Health (eHealth) conceptual framework

Lately I have been designing, launching and gathering an online panel survey to a representative sample of Internet users in 14 European countries (approximately 14,000 responses). To ground the questionnaire I have developed a conceptual framework inspired and based on the two main sources. On the one hand, the Marmot Review team: Solar O &… Read more »

eHealth Literacy as a catalyst to overall digital literacy among the elderly

Susannah Fox has invited Jessica Mark to post on This is a guest post by Jessica Mark, and Outreach Program Manager, Health Communication and eHealth Team in the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services The result of this invitation is entitled Making Strides… Read more »

No eHealth without eInclusion in Europe – Eurostat 2010

Recently, EUROSTAT has published the results from ICT usage household survey 2010. I have been analysing these data developing a Digital Health Care Demand in Europe and I would like also to share my analysis of  “individuals who  used the Internet for seeking health information on injury, disease or nutrition” (European Union 27 Member States),… Read more »

People living with chronic disease and the Internet in Catalonia Working in Progress

UPDATE Following Ismael Peña advises I have drawn new graphics that represents the relationship between people living with chronic disease and the Internet in Catalonia . It looks like the inverse care law could be also applied to these citizens. I have started to explore and analyse the relationship between people who live with chronic disease… Read more »